Denied Insurance Claims

Insurance companies are in business to make money and often make decisions that are unfair to policyholders. Insurance companies may refuse to issue a fair insurance payment, delay payment, or mark an insurance claim denied. Alabama law states that companies must be fair and act in good faith. An insurance claim attorney at the Frank S. Buck, P.C.,  law firm in Birmingham will provide legal representation, answer insurance questions, and hold Alabama insurance companies accountable when people are denied fair settlements for insurance claims.

Insurance companies sometimes use intimidating tactics to deny fair settlements for legitimate insurance claims. A company might delay payment, deny payment altogether, or offer an unfair settlement. In some cases, companies discourage policyholders from asking reasonable insurance questions by not returning phone calls or not responding to letters or emails regarding an insurance claim status. Victims of these fraudulent tactics need legal representation from a Birmingham insurance claims attorney to get a fair settlement.

An insurance claims attorney at Frank S. Buck Law Firm in Birmingham will not be intimidated by insurance companies and adjustors. Contact an insurance claims attorney today to ask insurance questions and obtain legal representation.

Call the Frank S. Buck Law Firm if you are being denied fair reimbursement by your insurance carrier.