Fraud Claims

Swindlers cheat businesses, insurance companies, banks, and individuals out of billions of dollars a year. At the Birmingham law firm of Frank S. Buck, P.C., a skilled fraud attorney can help recover losses from bank fraud, insurance fraud, consumer fraud, and white-collar crimes.

Consumer fraud through identity theft costs consumers over a billion dollars. Stolen social security numbers and stolen ATM pin numbers and passwords are frequently used for identity theft.

Forgery, counterfeiting, check kiting, and credit card theft are forms of bank fraud. Forgers target cancelled or stolen checks to produce counterfeits. Check kiting occurs when someone opens multiple accounts at two or more banks to create false balances.

Insurance fraud schemes involve filing false health insurance claims, falsifying death certificates, or staging auto accidents to collect insurance money. Contact an insurance fraud attorney of Frank S. Buck, P.C.

White collar criminals usually hold professional or managerial positions and engage in invisible white collar crimes like embezzlement, bribery, tax evasion, or money–related schemes. White collar crime, bank fraud, insurance fraud, and consumer fraud can happen to anyone. A fraud attorney at the Frank S. Buck, P.C., in Birmingham, AL, can help recover losses caused by fraud.

Call the Frank S. Buck, P.C., if you are the victim of fraud.