Premises Liability

Have you been injured in a restaurant, a grocery store, or on a neighbor’s sidewalk? Businesses, neighbors, and even schools have a responsibility to inspect their property and fix problems that may injure patrons, friends, or students. Let an experienced Birmingham, Alabama, premises liability lawyer at Frank S. Buck, P.C.,  determine if you are entitled to damages because of someone else’s negligence.

Premises liability law holds a property owner legally accountable for the injuries of another caused by unsafe conditions on that property. Icy sidewalks, wet floors, unleashed dogs, and poor building security are a few examples of situations that often lead to accidents. If a property owner is aware of unsafe conditions and does nothing to remedy them, the owner may be liable under Alabama premises liability law.

Types of injuries include minor cuts and bruises, broken hips, arms or legs, back injuries, or brain and spinal cord injuries. In severe cases death may occur. Damages can be awarded for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, or funeral expenses for the wrongful death of a loved one.

Contact an Alabama premises liability lawyer at the law firm of Frank S. Buck, P.C., in Birmingham, AL, for representation in cases of accident injury due to property owner negligence.